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Board Members


Dr Steve Wong


Dr Steve Wong is a succesful businessman with over 40 years' plastics recycling industry experience and is a central figure within global markets for sourcing and supply. 

A proponent of sustainability and circular economy, Dr Wong is renouned for his deep insights into the complexities of plastic recovery value chains.


Along with being CEO of Fukutomi Recycling Limited, he is a sought after expert speaker and is President of the China Sustainable Plastics Association (CSPA), as well as an official Observer at the United Nation Environmental Protection (UNEP) where he provides advice on environmental matters related to plastic recycling.

With Dr Jun Wang, he saw the need for an Asia-focused alliance and co-founded ASPA.   


CC Cheah

Board Member

Mr CC Cheah is Executive Director of See Hau Global Sdn Bhd, which under his leadership is one of Malaysia's top plastics manufacturers. He is also Vice President of the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturing Association (MPMA). 

In both roles, he has long advocacted for industry innovation and collaboration for plastic sustainability to protect the environment.

Mr CC Cheah has over 30 year's practical plastics industry experience and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Tulsa, USA. 


Hoàng Đức Vượng

Vice Chair

Mr Hoàng Đức Vượng is Chairman of the Board of VietCycle Corporation, one of Viet Nam's most respected plastics businesses. 

Recognised for his deep knowledge and industry experience, he also holds the following prestigous honours:

  • Member of the Consultation Group for Viet Nam Delegation to the United Nations

  • Signatory to the Global Compact against Plastic Pollution

  • Member of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment's Working Group on developing EPR policy

  • Member of the policy drafting team to develop Decree guiding the Law on Environmental Protection issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

  • Co-lead the Vietnam Packaging Group, to develop EPR policy for discarded packaging.

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Victor Lin

Board Member

Mr Victor Lin has more than 15 years experience in plastics recycling and is the founder of two businesses based in Taiwan - King Plastic International Co., Ltd. and Carbon Recycling Application Materials Co., Ltd. 

He is experienced with certification with his businesses having completed PCR (TUV) certification as well as PC, PCABS, PPO, ABS, HIPS, and PP carbon footprint certification

Like his fellow directors, Mr Victor Lin gives back to industry and established the Taiwan Plastics Recycling Association where he serves as Chairman. 


Dr. Jun Wang

General Manager & Board Secretary

Dr Jun Wang has over 30 years' polymer and plastics industry experience including working with large FMCG multi-nationals on packaging design. 

In his role as Secretary General of the China Sustainable Plastics Association (CSPA), Dr Jun Wang has achieved several firsts, including introducing design for plastic recycling principles into China, directing the establishment of PET and HDPE recyclability design guides, and developing a PCR certification group standard in China. 


Seeing the unique challenges found is Asian plastic recycling and being able to apply robust solutions, inspired him to co-found ASPA.     

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Philip Ng


Mr Philip Ng brings to the board more than 30 years senior banking and finance experience. 


He has approx. 10 years' company director experience, including having served as a Director of Way Mega Limited. 

Mr Philip Ng is part of the Fukutomi Recycling Limited management team and is based in Hong Kong

Advisors & Program Leads

Junqing Chen

Director PCR Certification

Task Force

Mr Junqing (Mike) Chen's organisation is a founding member of ASPA. With his direct experience in PCR plastic certification in China, he is heading up ASPA's task force that will develop a certification standard fit for Asian application. His experience includes: 

  • 10 years experiences in plastic recycling industry.

  • GM of Pro-Eco Material-Tech Ltd, the first RecyClass Recyclability Certification CB outside Europe. 

  • Developed the PCR chain of custody evaluation requirements and certification program in China.  

  • Actively involved in the establishment of recyclability design guides and recognition program for PET and HDPE packaging containers in China.

  • Led and promoted the regionalisation of the CGF's Golden Design Rules in China.

Trish Hildreth-Hyde

Director Communications & Stakeholder Relations

Ms Trish Hildreth-Hyde is founder of Asian-focused recovery start-up, PlastX and The Plastics Circle. Her business is a founding member of ASPA. 

Having started her career in issues-rich and highly-regulated businesses, Ms Trish Hildreth-Hyde then transitioned into CEO roles with global reach. In 2016 she became Australia's sustainable packaging strategy chief architect, a move that sparked a passion and her new circular economy career.

In her businesses' she has curating business forums on plastic circular economy across the globe, undertaken independent research in Asia and on progress towards plastic pact packaging goals, piloted new technology in India and Malaysia, and hosted the UNEP's first business-focused plastic waste forum in 2018.  

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