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VietCycle & ALBA building Việt Nam's largest PET & HDPE recycling plant


VietCycle and ALBA are set to build Việt Nam's largest recycling plant. The US$50 million facility, which was announced on Wednesday, will have a capacity of 48,000 tonnes of PET & HDPE a year. It is expected to be operational in 2024.

"The project is designed to use cutting-edge German technology to produce rPET plastic that meets international standards set by the European Union (EU) and embraced by many multinational corporations", said Hoàng Đức Vượng, chairman of VietCycle.

“Many Vietnamese plastic producers have lost a lot of contracts demanding high-quality recycled plastic. Therefore, products from the plant will be welcomed,” Vượng said.

The cooperation between ALBA and VietCycle provides a necessary solution to solve plastic waste problems in Việt Nam."

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