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ASPA's PCR Plastic Certification Standard  

We want all plastic to be recycled, however, it is the recycling of PCR (Post-Consumer-Recycled) plastic that has the greatest potential to stem plastic pollution - and this is why brands have committed to using PCR plastic content in their packaging. Naturally, everyone wants to know that the claimed PCR content is actually post-consumer (as opposed to industrial waste). 

With relatively simple PCR supply chains in North America, Europe and countries that have established recycling infrastructure, Standards for ensuring quality and authenticity of PCR resins have been established.


The PCR supply chain in the Asia-Pacific region is far more complex, relying largely on the informal sector for collection and materials passed through a long line of various aggregators and traders, before finally reaching the recycling plant. 

To provide brands (and their consumers) certainty when sourcing PCR plastic in APAC, ASPA members are developing a PCR Standard fit for the region. 

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